Euboea, For connoisseurs only

For most holidaymakers, even for Greeks, Euboea is an uncharted territory: so little publicity for such a big island… This despite the fact that Euboea is linked to the mainland by two bridges and it is easily reached within one hour’s drive from Athens! What’s happening there and why nobody talks about Euboea? One may think that it’s just not worthy – sometimes it’s as simple as that. Big mistake. We visited the southern part of the island and we discovered miles of beautifully wild beaches facing the Aegean Sea, nice hiking trails in the mountains and some intriguing archaeological curiosities. Moreover it has the advantage of being tolerant for wild camping.
Shh… don’t tell anyone.
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Kythera, Mediterranean charm at its best

We travel to Kythera where we discover why this relatively small island located just off the southern-eastern tip of Peloponnese is considered one of the few remaining ‘untouched’ Greek islands, as magnificent as they used to be before the tourism invasion. It’s quite like time-travel back to the ’70s-80’s: the villages are still picturesque without ‘Rent Rooms’, ‘cafe-bars’ and ‘souvenirs’ signs, the people are friendly and hospitable, the scenery is unspoiled.

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