The Mesa (Inner) Mani experience

We are traveling to the southernmost peninsula of Peloponnese where we discover the most unrealistic, lunar-style landscape in Greece, unique and in the same time surprisingly little visited by tourists: the Mesa Mani region.

The charm of Mani is only partly due to its extraordinary natural beauty, the barren mountain slopes, the vast areas of nothingness but rocks and blue coves, the silence. This is the place where the rebellious Maniots, direct descents of the ancient Spartans as they consider themselves, created their own society, based on feudal laws, torn apart by vendettas, ruled by the spirit of freedom.

We start our journey from Areopolis (it means the “town of Mars”), the most tourist place of the area, and passing through the typical Maniot tower-house villages we are heading to the southern end to reach the cape Tenaro, where according the myth was located the entrance to the underworld.

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