Kythera, Mediterranean charm at its best

We travel to Kythera where we discover why this relatively small island located just off the southern-eastern tip of Peloponnese is considered one of the few remaining ‘untouched’ Greek islands, as magnificent as they used to be before the tourism invasion. It’s quite like time-travel back to the ’70s-80’s: the villages are still picturesque without ‘Rent Rooms’, ‘cafe-bars’ and ‘souvenirs’ signs, the people are friendly and hospitable, the scenery is unspoiled.

And yet, as if all these were not enough, the Kytherian nature and architecture seems to contain a great part of Greece in miniature: within one hour driving distance, you can stroll in a authentic Cycladic-style Hora, admire Venetian edifices, medieval castles and churches with miraculous icons, then wonder in lush valleys taking a shower in a waterfall (!) or plunge into the ‘same’ turquoise waters where Aphrodite was allegedly born …

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